Somerset Camping Trailers

So What Happened to Coleman Trailers?

As we all know, Coleman Trailers went out of business last year. Fortunately, the legacy of high quality folding campers continues with Somerset Camping Trailers! Somerset trailers utilize the same Coleman frames you're familiar with, including the Sun Valley, Utah and Niagara as well as the E2 and E3. Not only that, but Somerset's manufacturing company, Columbia Northwest, hired numerous former Coleman employees, inheriting over 152 years of manufacturing experience in the process! The techniques and nuances that made Coleman trailers so well-loved are alive and well with Somerset Camping Trailers.

The Somerset Mission

Much like Coleman, Somerset wants RVing to be an experience that brings families, friends and neighbors together. According to the owners, "a Somerset is about families spending time together. It's about laughter around the campfire. It's about a weekend escape and the trip of a lifetime. It's about jumping in with both feet and taking part in the world that surrounds us."

Fun Facts About Somerset

  • Ralph Tait is the founder of Columbia Northwest, Somerset's parent company. Mr. Tait is over 80 years old, but can still be found at the factory tinkering with new design concepts.
  • Columbia Northwest also owns A-liner that has a sister company in Australia, called A’ Van.
  • Somerset products are built in a facility that is on its fourth life. Originally it started as a day spa in the early 1900’s. It then became the producer of Kecksburg Cola – a local soft drink manufacturer. PepsiCo used the facility for several decades as a bottling and distributing center.

Come check out the Somerset trailers at Beckley’s!

If you’re worried you’ll miss – or missed out on – years of happy memories in a Coleman camper, you don’t have to worry anymore! Beckley’s has a full line of Somerset trailers available just in time for this summer’s adventures. Stop in today and see the new and improved Somerset RVs. If you love Coleman we guarantee you’ll feel right at home!