Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Coleman Pop Up

Listed below are some general preventive maintenance tips that will help to extend the life of your Coleman pop up camper and reduce the chance of accidents. Some of the tips pertain to options such as air conditioners, which may not apply on every trailer.

Before each trip, check:

  • safety chains
  • wiring connections between tow vehicle and pop up
  • hitch components
  • tire wear and pressure
  • wheel lug nut torque
  • exterior lighting
  • LP gas components
  • break-away switch on electric brakes
  • all interior doors and drawers should be securely fastened
  • secure and lock trailer access door
  • air conditioning ceiling assembly bolt tightness

Each month, check:

  • battery, cables, and terminals
  • fire extinguisher
  • water pump filter, clean or replace if necessary
  • ground fault interrupter (GFI)

Before long-term or winter storage:

  • disconnect battery
  • winterize water system
  • turn off LP gas at tank valve
  • angle trailer tongue slightly downward to prevent build-up of snow and ice on the roof
  • check seals of roof-mounted items for possible failure
  • do not cover the trailer with any type of material - this will reduce air circulation and could lead to condensation build-up
  • do not store trailer in tall grass, weeds, or near a wood pile to reduce the chances of small rodents entering the trailer
  • ensure that all gas & electric appliances are turned off

After long-term or winter storage:

  • lubricate bed slides
  • sanitize fresh water tanks
  • lubricate coupler and hitch
  • inspect electric brakes by qualified personnel
  • complete LP gas pressure and system check by qualified personnel
  • repack wheel bearings (recommended every 5,000 miles or at the beginning of each camping season by qualified person)
  • perform all electric system checks (12v & 110v)