Aliner Pop-Up Campers

Lightweight and minimalist, Aliner pop-ups are among the most innovative (and distinctive) travel trailers on the market! Easily recognized by their distinctive A-frame, Aliners are small enough to be pulled by any vehicle but large enough to sleep as many as four or more! Every Aliner, no matter which model you choose, comes with the kind of innovative design and quality construction that makes it easy to own, easy to tow, and easy to camp. Best of all, they're manufactured by the same manufacturers of Somerset travel trailers, so you know you're getting the best quality available!

Big Features, Small Space

Aliners include a number of special features you won't find on other pop-up campers, including:

Safe and simple suspension – the tires on Aliner pop-ups are filled with nitrogen rather than air. This extends the life of the tire by riding cooler and slowing the natural breakdown of the rubber. Rubber torsion axles provide smooth independent suspension, and each axle has an easy lube fitting so you'll never have to get your bearings repacked.

Strong foundation – Aliner pop-ups are powder-coated to prevent rusting and corrosion. The unirail construction uses a single frame member, from the ball hitch to the bumper as opposed to numerous pieces welded together. This makes it lighter and less likely to experience weld failure. Heavy duty stabilizer jacks provide sure, solid footing and use an easy-crank screw mechanism. The dual-propane tray carries one or two propane tanks and the two-inch receiver under the rear bumper allows you to carry bicycles and other gear.

30-second set up – Aliner has been using the same lifting mechanism for 30 years. Why? Because it works! The pop-ups are so easy to open that no assist system is needed, and all of their lift mechanisms include a lifetime warranty

Panoramic views and ample ventilation – just because they're small doesn't mean Aliners are uncomfortable! With tons of windows and skylights, Aliners let a lot of light in and allow for plenty of cross ventilation. But don't worry about prying eyes and nosy neighbors – all the windows come with double ply curtains for privacy and shade!

Low maintenance exteriors – Aliner exteriors are made of fiberglass and aluminum, requiring no maintenance beyond the occasional cleaning. UV protected, silicon sealed, oversized plastic corner caps protect the camper's corners and can easily be replaced if necessary. A laminated aluminum diamond plate rock guard can take the abuse of the road and be easily polished back to a near pristine state. Finally, the graphics are digitally printed for a clean, sharp look.

Keeping the elements outside – to reduce leaks, skylights are chemically bonded to the roof, totally eliminating the need for screws. Dual waterproofed joints keep you dry, regardless of the weather, and a continuous, single piece roof wrap increases rigidity and removes failure points by eliminating screws and plates.

Solid floor – unlike plywood, Perform Max 500 marine grade flooring won't warp, rot, or swell under any circumstances.

Structural panels – vacuum bonded and using almost no wood, Aliners have a strong, lightweight aluminum exoskeleton and use a wood substitute called Azdel which provides insulation, dampens sounds, doesn't absorb moisture, and is nearly indestructible.

Aliners also come with a number of other special features, including:

  • Outside Shower
  • Fiberglass Exterior
  • 4 Stabilizer Jacks
  • Spare Tire
  • 1 Fantastic Fan
  • Diamond Plate

Aliners come in six varieties:

Aliner Alite

Length (feet): 9.5'
Width (inches): 60"
Road Height (inches): 36"
Weight (lbs): 610 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 1000 lbs.

Aliner Scout

Length (feet):15'
Width (inches): 78"
Road Height (inches): 55"
Weight (lbs): 1174 lbs.
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 2000 lbs.

Aliner Ranger

Length (feet): 15'
Width (inches): 78"
Road Height (inches): 57"
Weight (lbs): 1320 lbs.
Tires and Wheels: 13" White
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 2000 lbs.

Aliner Sport

Length (feet): 12'8"
Width (inches): 78"
Road Height (inches): 56"
Weight (lbs): 1120 lbs.
Tires and Wheels: 13" Aluminum
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 2000 lbs.

Aliner Classic

Length (feet): 15'
Width (inches): 78"
Road Height (inches): 57"
Weight (lbs): 1530 lbs.
Tires and Wheels: 13" Aluminum
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 2000 lbs.

Aliner Expedition

Length (feet): 18'
Width (inches): 84"
Road Height (inches): 68"
Weight (lbs): 2100 lbs
Tires and Wheels: 14" Aluminum Radials
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 3500 lbs.

Of course, the best way to see the Aliner RVs is to come view them in person! At Beckley's, we've got a full line of Aliners on display, so come on by and have a tour!